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Nurturing an Attitude of Gratitude


Each of us reading this post woke up this morning to a new day, but did we take even a moment to express heartfelt gratitude?

Avoiding The Trap of Over-Attachment to Purity

Guru, Monk & Fork

Did you hear the one about the guru, the young yogi monk and the sizzling…? Well, wait – before I give it away…

Dwelling On Past Lives or Living This Life, Here & Now

Past Lives Hypno

The quality of spirit in many people I have met seems to be the result of much individual evolution and growth – more than one life can account for…

It Was Simply A Perfect Day

Carpinteria Sunset Photo by Rik Vig

How many of times have you ever stopped in the afternoon or early evening, quietly reflected for a moment and given thanks for having been given a simply perfect day?

Quick Life Changes Usually Pass Quickly

Theatre Marquee Sign illustration by Rik Vig

We have all driven by a movie theater and seen the huge marquee on the street featuring an announcement in big letters about the newest feature – bigger and better than all movies that have come before it.

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