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Yogis Beware – Take Care With Who’s Got Your Back!

The Back

Most back injuries in yoga happen when you are not properly warmed up…

Vegetarian Sushi Bowl – Yum!

Sushi Bowl Photo by Amy Vig

This vegetarian recipe is a delightful way to capture the fresh flavors and appeal of sushi in a quick-to-prepare dish…

It Was Simply A Perfect Day

Carpinteria Sunset Photo by Rik Vig

How many of times have you ever stopped in the afternoon or early evening, quietly reflected for a moment and given thanks for having been given a simply perfect day?

Quick Life Changes Usually Pass Quickly

Theatre Marquee Sign illustration by Rik Vig

We have all driven by a movie theater and seen the huge marquee on the street featuring an announcement in big letters about the newest feature – bigger and better than all movies that have come before it.

Water – Essential to Your Health and Your Life


When you are thirsty, what is your first beverage of choice – an ice cold soda, fruit juice, iced tea or coffee – or a frosty mug of beer? What if I told you that not one of these choices will actually quench your thirst…

The Tennis Ball Massage Technique – A Cure for What Ails You

Tennis Balls Photo by Rik Vig

What if your doctor told you, “take two tennis balls and call me in the morning.” Well, for body aches and tension, two tennis balls might just be what the naturopathic doctor ordered.

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