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I read this funny question in an online forum the other  day. The person asked: “I was wondering how many other people were Cleopatra in a past life?” When people entertain the possibility of reincarnation and past lives, I am always amused by how many claim to have been various famous historic persons in their previous incarnations – sometimes resulting in way too many of them having been the same famous person. I know that there are many folks who poo-poo the notion of reincarnation as idiotic rubbish or dangerous spiritualistic belief, but I have always kept an open mind about it. The quality of spirit in many people I have met seems to be the result of much individual evolution and growth – more than one life can account for. And I am always especially surprised by young people who come into this life with such a strong inner sense of what they want to do and accomplish – as if they are just picking up from where they last left off. It dawns on me that genetics and behavioral conditioning cannot account for these currents that run so deep in their being, unfolding in this life with such unique patterns and well-defined intent.

I had the opportunity quite a few years ago to undergo several past life regressions under hypnosis. I am a perfect subject for hypnosis and undergo the induction process very easily, going quickly and deeply into the hypnotic state. I won’t spend any time telling the details of what I experienced, but I was truly amazed by the lucidness of these past lives I experienced and how connected they were to who I am in this life. Also, when asked by the hypnotist, I recognized people who I was connected to as family members in those lives as family members in this life, although not in the same relationships (parent, sibling, child, etcetera – and no, neither they or I appeared like we do now). Were these truly the experiences of past lives or fanciful and imaginative creations of my subconscious mind? I can’t tell you for sure, but the experiences, which took place at separate times with the same hypnotist, were quite vivid. I stood in each experience as the person I was while I was there, looking at that world through my own eyes – that’s all I can say for sure. And I was not anyone famous from history that you would know by name in any of these experiences – pretty much just like this life.

So, Where To Go From Here?

These so-called past life experiences impressed me greatly and I have continued to see the connection between details I saw with patterns in my present lifetime. But, rather than tell the story of these experiences, I have found that I am content to keep them to myself. In reflection it has become apparent to me that, if these past experiences were real, the only thing that matters about them is what I did or didn’t do in the here-now moment when I was there and the resulting patterns created by those past actions, just like the patterns created from past actions in this life are present as the unseen influences that affect me in this here and now moment. My only chance to affect the result is not in the past, but in this very moment in time I now stand in. Any people to which I am tied by past negative or positive attachments may be the people to whom I am drawn by chance in this life – therefore, my only chance to make right any wrongs I did in the past is in the choices I make here and now. I often notice strong attractions to people I meet for the first time, but rather than try to figure out what our relationship was in a possible past life and why we are being drawn together now, I instead choose to do my best to treat them right, with love, care and respect in the here and now. This is the only way to free both of us from any karmic weight we carry from a distant past. Truly, this is the way we should try to treat everyone we meet in life, even the chance occasion when we meet a person who seemingly has no importance to us – after all, who really knows for sure whether or not that stranger is more important to us than we currently realize. Best not to take any chances of screwing things up again.

In closing, I don’t want to create any more heaviness regarding this subject – just plant a seed for consideration. Our lives and the significance of our true being may stretch far beyond the limits of this one life we currently live in. It may matter much more than we realize how we approach each moment in time, therefore we should take greater care and give conscious attention to the seeming chance occurrences that happen to us as they happen – the people we meet, the struggles we face, the things we choose or don’t choose to do. And all of this opportunity to improve or hurt our path of existence always happens in the here and now, not in the past of possible distant lives or in the recent past of this life – and certainly not in the future, which hasn’t even presented itself yet. The greater awareness we bring to this present moment in time, the more conscious our choices and actions will be, which will affect everything as we move forward from here. To quote the title of a book I read many years ago that influenced me greatly, Remember, Be Here Now!

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