A Gentle, Effective Yoga Warm Up

Yoga Warm Up with Devin Morgan

Many people underestimate the importance of properly warming up before beginning their Yoga Asana practice, on their own or in a class setting. Fortunately, most teachers incorporate a warm up routine into their class – a good reason to be on time so you don’t skip it (I’ll talk another time about the importance of not skipping the cool down at the end.) One of the worst cases of skipping the necessary warm up is on many yoga television shows where they jump right into full routines like Sun Salutation, including Cobra and Up-Dog back bends, without one lick of preparation. Be sure to read the post Yogis Beware – Take Care With Who’s Got Your Back! to find out more about why warming up the back muscles is so important. To show you  how to properly prepare for your yoga practice, we are providing you with a special warm up session video taught by yoga master-teacher, Devin Morgan of the Rishi Yoga Institute. Devin’s thorough and effective teaching style will carefully guide you through the warming up process so your body is warm, stretched and flexible before beginning your practice. This warm up routine is gentle enough for most yogis of all ages who are in relatively good health. Listen carefully to Devin’s instructions, following along with care and attention, and you will experience the full benefits of her guidance and wisdom. We hope to be able to share more instructional videos from Devin Morgan in the near future.

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