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The Spirit of Aloha Botanical Gardens

This incredible world given to us by the Divine Creator for all to enjoy and care for  is filled with many truly beautiful places. Humankind has within its free will the potential and ability to nurture and protect that beauty for all to share or to exploit and destroy it, caring not for others or the Earth. Fortunately for all of us, there are loving souls present in our world who have dedicated their lives to preserving and perfecting the beauty that surrounds us to create an oasis of paradise in select places where all can experience the world as the Eternal One intended it to be. I know one of these enlightened caretakers who has achieved bringing together a true vision of Heaven on Earth. That loving soul is a man named Frederick Honig who resides on the Hawaiian island of Maui. His vision of the world as it should be is an incredibly beautiful place called the Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens. The beautiful, spacious site of the Gardens, situated in Haiku, Maui, sits atop the picturesque cliffs of Uaoa Bay, looking out over the Papa Nui O Kane Rock Island and the vast expanses of the azure-blue Pacific Ocean. For over sixteen years, Frederick has cultivated, sculpted, planted, and built what many experience as a portal into a sacred realm. The inspiration for this beautiful estate is for all to live in harmony with nature and to promote well-being for each and every individual, as well as for the ecology of our planet.

Frederick Honig

Frederick Honig – Founder and Managing Director


Frederick, a dedicated Yogi, served for over twenty years as a monk and student of Sri Swami Satchidananda and was pivotal in the establishment of the world-reknowned Yogaville Interfaith Community and LOTUS (Light of Truth Universal Shrine), which happens to be the Integral Yoga International Headquarters, set on the banks of the James River in Virginia. With Swamiji’s blessing, he ventured forth on his own to found Well Being International, teaching beneficial life skills like yoga, meditation and stress management to help improve people’s lives everywhere. Along the way, he began to plan what would someday become the realization of his dearest vision – a sanctuary for all to experience Heaven on Earth – a sacred place that embodies Nature’s 12 core principles or values: Love, Peace, Respect, Honesty, Tolerance, Humility, Cooperation, Happiness, Responsibility, Simplicity, Freedom, and Unity. My family and I had the great privilege of visiting the Gardens and these values are palpable soon after you set foot on these hallowed grounds. This is the true Spirit of Aloha.

Nestled in a lush oceanfront valley on Maui’s North Shore, the native land on which Frederick founded the Spirit of Aloha Gardens has a rich and ancient history. Known by the ancient Hawaiians as Keali’i Nui (The Highest Royalty), this awe-inspiring 11 acre habitat still contains historic sites created and revered by the ancient island people. On our visit, we viewed surviving remnants of retaining walls hand built by the islanders for the cultivation of wetland Taro, an important staple food in the Hawaiians’ diet. We stood in that ancient Taro garden and sensed an inner connection to the people who once lived there. Frederick has worked very closely and consulted with Hawaiian Elders and other local cultural authorities to preserve all of the historic sites and structures found on the land. The richness of this history permeates every inch of ground in the Gardens.

When my family visited Frederick and the Spirit of Aloha Gardens, the high point of our visit was a surprise gift for my wife – a ceremony on the cliffs overlooking the ocean to renew our wedding vows in celebration of our anniversary. Before our children, other family members and friends, we reconsecrated our devotion to each other. I even serenaded my wife with a ukelele. Frederick officiated the ceremony with inspiring and soul-felt words: he is a licensed minister and regularly performs marvelous wedding ceremonies at the Gardens. The whole thing was richly infused with the pure Spirit of Aloha. But before the ceremony, we were treated by Frederick and his wonderful staff to a sumptuous vegetarian feast with delectable dishes like Herbed Quinoa Pilaf, delectable vegetable combinations, fresh baked breads and cakes, and scrumptious tropical fruit salad. Even those relatives who were at first skeptical of all-vegetarian fare thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All I have to say after this entire experience is that, if you are dreaming of a wedding in Paradise, you must contact Frederick and his staff for a marriage event that you will never forget. The staff at the Gardens are highly professional and can cater to many varied needs, so please inquire if you have any desire for a Hawaiian wedding.

The Vig Family and the Spirit of Aloha Doves

The Vig Family and the Spirit of Aloha Doves

When I was a child, my idea of Paradise was a beautiful Garden of Eden where even the birds would land on your hand with no fear of harm. We were all quite surprised when Frederick introduced us to the large flock of pure white doves that live at the Gardens, free to fly as they please. Each cupping some seeds in our palms, we were all delighted as the doves flew to us and sat on our hands, arms and shoulders. I reflected on the doves being a symbol of peace, knowing that one of Frederick’s fondest dreams is to invite world leaders to visit the Gardens to dialogue cooperatively on world matters in an effort to promote worldwide peace for the sake of all inhabitants of the planet. It is a lofty dream indeed, but one of humankind’s oldest and I believe that Frederick, because of his dedication and selflessness in serving this ideal, will pull it off someday. The Spirit of Aloha Gardens has a lot of good energy running through it that has attracted many seekers and teachers such as Ram Das (Richard Alpert) and Dr. Wayne Dyer, just to name a few, both of who have held spiritual retreats at the Gardens. The collective good vibrations left by so many peace-loving seekers and sojourners, to my way of thinking, would be very beneficial to nurturing true world peace – if we can just manage to get the world leaders there to experience it.

I could go on telling you so much more about Frederick Honig and the Spirit of Aloha Botanical Gardens, but I think that you might get a little better taste of what I am saying by viewing the following video which explores various sites on the estate. Then again, a video could never do justice to the magnificent beauty of the Gardens, so I highly recommend that you someday visit them for yourself. It will be a visit that you will carry with you in your heart forever. And when you meet Frederick and his staff, tell them that Rik Vig sent you – and give them my love. In truth, a part of me will be there at the Gardens forever – may it also be that way for you. Aloha.

The Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens

  • 655 Haumana Road, Haiku, Maui HI 96708-5942
  • Phone: Phone: (808) 572-6000
  • Email: info@spiritofaloha.org

Web Site: http://www.spiritofaloha.org

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  1. Aloha Frederick we are here on Maui and have been for two weeks. We loved our wedding on your property and we think of you often with peace and. Love inour heart. Great to see that you turned the property into a garden. We need to heal the past with you and we are planning on moving back to Maui within the next year. Aloha

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